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Infertility Treatment Lubbock, West Texas  

Welcome to the Centre for Reproductive Medicine, where we bring dreams to life! We are a full-service reproductive endocrinology center offering a wide range of infertility treatment services in the Lubbock area of West Texas, such as in vitro fertilizationovulation induction, and  reproductive surgery.

By using the most modern infertility treatment technology available and staying abreast of the latest advances in medical treatment, we have helped thousands of parents unable to conceive have a baby of their own. At the Centre for Reproductive Medicine, we understand that this is a highly emotional time for our patients, so we listen to their goals and offer them the personal attention, understanding, and sensitivity they need.

We will work with you to find the right option for your family’s needs, taking the time to answer any questions you might have about infertility treatment and provide thorough follow-up care at our Lubbock practice in West Texas. After all, your comfort and successful pregnancy are our top priorities. Meet Dr. Janelle Dorsett and  contact the Centre for Reproductive Medicine to arrange consultation.

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