Nov 19 2013

Sperm Cryopreservation


Lubbock Sperm CryopreservationAt The Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Janelle Dorsett offers a range of infertility treatments that help patients increase their chances of successful conception. These services, which are available to both our male and female patients, can aid couples who are facing fertility problems or can give patients the option of planning ahead for healthy conception at a future time. For our couples in Lubbock, sperm cryopreservation is one treatment we offer that allows males to freeze healthy sperm so that it can be preserved for use at a later date.


Sperm cryopreservation is an excellent option for couples who would like to preserve healthy sperm so that it can be used later in fertility treatment such as IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF (in vitro fertilization). Males who are ideal candidates for this procedure are those who are not yet ready to pursue parenthood but know that it is a goal they have for the future. This gives couples the option of preserving the sperm while it is still vital so that they can continue to focus on their professional or personal goals without worrying about missing the fertile window of opportunity. Cryopreservation is also a good option for men who are about to undergo medical treatment that may decrease fertility or sperm quality. Many medical treatments such as cancer treatment can have damaging effects on sperm. However, cryopreservation gives couples the option of preserving sperm before treatment begins so that it will be available for future use.

How Is Sperm Cryopreservation Performed?

Sperm cryopreservation is performed using a special technique that freezes the sperm without creating ice crystals and without killing the sperm cells. The first step of the process is collecting a sperm sample. This sample is then placed on a warming tray so that it becomes completely liquefied. Using an even ratio, the sperm is then mixed with a freezing medium, which contains chemicals that remove water from the cells in order to prevent the formation of ice crystals. By preventing ice crystals, we can ensure that the sperm will survive the freezing process.

This solution is then broken down into separate vials and will be slowly frozen in liquid nitrogen vapors. While each sperm sample varies, patients can typically freeze up to six vials of sperm from a single sample. Once frozen, the sperm remains preserved in a storage of liquid nitrogen where it will be help until ready for use. Each vial is carefully labeled with the date, the patient’s name, and a unique identifying number so that it can be properly identified when necessary.

How Long Can Sperm Be Frozen?

There is not conclusive data as to how long frozen sperm remains viable. There are cases of frozen sperm resulting in successful conception after being stored for 20 years. However, the success rate over time varies greatly. It is recommended to freeze a minimum of two vials of sperm in order to increase the chances of success.

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At The Centre for Reproductive Medicine, we have helped thousands of parents conceive a child of their own. We work with families to find a fertility solution that best meets each family’s unique needs. If you are seeking fertility treatment or are looking for ways to plan ahead for a future of parenthood, schedule an appointment with Dr. Janelle Dorsett to discuss your treatment options.

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