The Importance of Exercise Limitations During IVF Treatment By jodorsett on September 02, 2014

Woman in a push-up positionPatients who have a difficult time conceiving naturally may be ideal candidates for IVF, a multi-step fertility treatment that aids couples throughout each step of the conception process. IVF helps a great number of patients each year achieve their dream of parenthood. While the chances of a successful IVF treatment are good, there are steps that can be taken by patients throughout treatment in order to help ensure that IVF results in a healthy pregnancy. As a precaution, Dr. Janelle Dorsett is likely to recommend to her Lubbock patients some exercise limitations throughout IVF treatment. While some exercise and physical activity is beneficial, these limitations are meant to prevent an increased risk of complications.

Can I Continue to Exercise Throughout IVF Treatment?

Exercise is good for the general health of the body and should be a part of every patient’s daily routine, so, in most cases, it is acceptable to continue to exercise throughout IVF treatment. However, in order to help prevent additional risks of treatment, Dr. Dorsett is likely to recommend some exercise limitations. In general, patients are likely to be able to continue with their established exercise routine, but this should be discussed with Dr. Dorsett prior to the beginning of treatment. Additionally, patients who do exercise may be asked to adhere to the following limitations:

  • Do not start any new exercise routines throughout treatment, especially vigorous routines or training programs
  • Try to limit activities to those that are low-impact
  • Avoid the use of excessively heavy weights
  • If there is any ovarian discomfort, cease workouts and speak to Dr. Dorsett as soon as possible

If patients are unsure about what types of exercises are acceptable, Dr. Dorsett is happy to answer any questions regarding specific exercise routines. In general, walking, stretching, yoga, and light weight-lifting are all considered to be safe, low-impact activities that should be acceptable for the duration of IVF treatment.

The Risks of Exercise During IVF Treatment

Again, exercise is a healthy habit and should not cause complications for those who have already established a workout routine and those who adhere to recommended exercise limitations. However, there is a chance that exercise, particularly high-impact activities, can lead to a complication known as ovarian torsion, a condition that causes the ovaries to become twisted in on themselves. This risk is especially high during the ovarian stimulation stage of IVF treatment when the ovaries are likely to be enlarged due to the use of fertility medication. While this is a very rare condition, it is a potential risk of treatment that is greater in patients who perform vigorous, high-impact exercises. It is for this reason that exercise limitations are so important during IVF treatment.

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