The Link between Fertility and Body Temperature By jodorsett on December 21, 2015

Woman discussing fertility issuesWith how much effort usually goes into preventing pregnancy, it is often surprising how long it can take to actually become pregnant once a couple makes the decision to become parents. When pregnancy efforts continue to fail, many couples seek infertility information to learn more about fertility treatments that may help them to become pregnant. However, there are a number of factors that contribute to conception. Of course, one of the most important factors is a woman’s ovulation. Couples who are in the early stages of pregnancy efforts may be able to benefit from some simple fertility tracking methods, such as the basal body temperature method, which links fertility to body temperature. However, treatment at our Lubbock, TX fertility clinic, The Centre for Reproductive Medicine, is a better option for patients who continue to struggle with infertility issues.

The Basal Body Temperature Method

When a woman attempts to become pregnant, she may begin tracking ovulation. A woman is typically only able to conceive for about six days during each menstrual cycle (the day of ovulation and the five days before ovulation), so it can be helpful to know when ovulation occurs, and when it is best to have sexual intercourse. There are several at-home methods for tracking ovulation, and one of these is the basal body temperature method, or the BBT method.

Basal body temperature describes the lowest body temperature that a healthy person has throughout the day. Because of changes in hormone levels, a woman’s basal body temperature is likely to fall one to two days before ovulation occurs, and then rise one to two days after ovulation. Based on this information, many women who are attempting to predict ovulation will record their body temperature every morning when they get out of bed, and look for changes in basal body temperature in order to pinpoint ovuation.

How Successful Is the BBT Method?

Basal body temperature can be one indicator of ovulation. However, in order for the BBT method to be a success, patients will need to get accurate temperature readings and be consistent in regards to when the temperature is taken. The patient should also be aware of any extenuating circumstances (stress, illness, lack of sleep, etc.) that could alter the temperature. Essentially, the BBT method may slightly increase the chance of conception for healthy couples that are simply looking to improve the timing of sexual intercourse. However, if any fertility problems are present, the BBT method will not be helpful in increasing the chance of pregnancy.

Fertility Treatment

Fertility treatment is the best option for any couple that has been unsuccessful in conceiving after a year of trying. Dr. Janelle Dorsett and her team of fertility specialists can help patients determine the most likely source of infertility so that an appropriate fertility treatment can be recommended. These treatments have helped countless patients overcome infertility and experience the joys of parenthood.

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Infertility is a disheartening struggle, but it is one that is experienced by many people. At The Centre for Reproductive Medicine, our fertility specialists help patients to overcome these struggles so that they can finally achieve their dreams of becoming a parent. To learn more about the many fertility treatments offered at our practice, schedule an appointment with Dr. Janelle Dorsett at your earliest convenience.

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