May 01 2017

Knowing the Early Signs of Pregnancy


A woman reading on the couchWe help countless women at our Lubbock fertility center start families when that did not seem like a possibility. Whether it's through in vitro fertilization (IVF), artificial insemination, or other methods, we always want to give patients the information they need to make confident choices about their treatments.

So say you're trying to get pregnant or have undergone a fertility procedure. How do you know you're pregnant? Obviously there are pregnancy tests, but here are 14 early signs of pregnancy that women commonly experience.

1. Late Period

The first sure sign to consider is a late or missed period. If you usually have regular menstrual cycles and suddenly notice you're late, this could be a sign that you're pregnant.

2. Tenderness of the Breasts and Other Changes

Your breasts will change during pregnancy, and the first sign is usually sensitivity or tenderness. Women may also notice darkening of their areolas, heavy breasts, and veins in their chest.

3. Sudden Mood Swings

Pregnancy brings about a number of changes to your hormones, which means there's a chance of unexpected mood swings. These major emotional swings are a natural part of being pregnant.

4. Abdominal Pain and Cramping

Many women will notice issues with cramping and abdominal pain early in their pregnancy. This pain is often the result of the implantation process, which is when a fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall.

5. Milky Vaginal Discharge

Sometimes women will notice a milky discharge early in pregnancy. This is often the result of the vaginal walls thickening after successful conception.

6. Spotting

In addition to milky discharge, woman may notice a little spotting before their period usually occurs. This is possibly due to implantation bleeding.

7. Bouts of Fatigue

Hormone changes and pregnancy in general can take a lot out of you. Fatigue early in your pregnancy is common, and often lasts through the first trimester. By the second trimester, your energy level usually improves.

8. Shortness of Breath

Your body consumes a lot of oxygen when you're pregnant to help the developing fetus. As a result, many women may notice themselves feeling winded even after light or mild physical activity. This will only become more of an issue as the fetus continues to grow.

9. Nausea and Dizziness

Nausea and dizziness are both very common signs of pregnancy early on. This could be brought on by low blood pressure, low blood sugar, or a combination of both. The nausea may be the result of morning sickness, which usually occurs after six weeks.

10. Stuffiness and Headaches

Many women who become pregnant notice headaches and nasal congestion as their hormone levels begin to change. This is sometimes referred to as the rhinitis of pregnancy.

11. Cravings for Certain Foods

There's a cliché in pop culture that women have odd food cravings when they're pregnant. It's true. You may notice a taste for certain foods you'd never wanted before, and that's completely normal.

12. Aversion to Certain Smells and Tastes

You heightened senses may lead to certain tastes and smells being unbearable. You may find certain foods and certain odors to be absolutely ghastly whereas they never bothered you before.

13. Frequent Urination

Pregnancy causes the body to produce many extra fluids. They have to go somewhere, ergo additional trips to the bathroom, sometimes in the middle of the night.

14. Bloating and Constipation

Many women will experience sensations of bloating and being backed up early in their pregnancy. You can blame the extra progesterone in your system, which may be affecting your digestion.

Learn More About Pregnancy

For more information about the common signs of pregnancy and how we can help you have a child of your own, be sure to contact our team of fertility specialists today. We look forward to your visit and discussing these matters in greater detail.

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