At What Age Are Women Most Fertile? By jodorsett on November 15, 2018

Pregnant womanAt The Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Janelle Dorsett offers a comprehensive range of fertility treatments. Among the most popular of these is IVF, an assisted reproductive treatment that assists in various stages of conception.

Although fertility treatments are a large focus of her practice, Dr. Dorsett can also be a valuable asset for couples who want more information about family planning.

Choosing the right time to conceive a child is a unique and important decision. Each woman has her own circumstances to consider, such as whether she feels emotionally ready to become a parent, whether she feels established in her career, and whether she feels financially secure.

Aside from these concerns, there are also biological factors to consider. Fertility is something that is affected by age. Many women want to know the ideal time for the body to conceive. Dr. Dorsett is happy to discuss a woman’s most fertile age with her Lubbock, TX patients so that they can use this information when considering their family planning options.

The Fertility Lifespan

Most women have a fertility lifespan of 30 years. That is to say that, once they experience their first menstrual cycle, the body should be fertile for the next 30 years. Obviously, there are some exceptions to that average.

While the average girl will have her first period by the age of 14, others are delayed for a few more years after that. With all the different factors to consider, it is not really possible to tell a woman a definitive age at which she will stop being fertile.

Still, most women should expect their chances of conceiving to dramatically drop after the age of 40.

The Most Fertile Window

Even though a woman should have a fertile lifespan of 30 years, the odds of conceiving are not the same across the duration of that lifespan. Each woman has a window of time during which she is most fertile.

Typically speaking, a healthy woman enters her most fertile age seven years after the start of menstruation. If a woman began menstruating at 14, that would mean she would enter this fertile window at the age of 21.

If there are no other health or fertility issues, this fertile window should last until around the age of 28. From there, fertility slowly decreases, until we see a significant decline in natural conceptions around the age of 35.

Family Planning Options

In today’s society, many women are not focused on starting a family at the age of 21, or even by the age of 28, when her most fertile window closes. Fortunately, fertility services make it possible for women to focus on things like education and career while still planning ahead for having a family down the road.

Aside from the vast range of fertility treatments that can increase a woman’s chances of conceiving, there are also steps a woman can take ahead of time (such as freezing her eggs) to make conceiving easier when she is ready to become a mother.

Dr. Dorsett can discuss these options with patients in further detail and help them make family planning decisions that are appropriate for their unique situation.

Learn More

If you have concerns about your fertility, or would just like more information about taking a proactive stance on family planning, Dr. Janelle Dorsett and the fertility specialists at The Centre for Reproductive Medicine can help. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about our comprehensive range of fertility services. You can reach our practice by calling (806) 788-1212.

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