Oct 02 2019

Does IUI Increase the Chance of Having Twins?


Two pairs of baby shoesDr. Janelle Dorsett and our team at The Centre for Reproductive Medicine offer fertility treatments that can address reproductive problems and increase patients’ chances of conceiving. In many cases, intrauterine insemination, or IUI, is the first treatment we recommend.

Artificial insemination involves the placement of concentrated semen directly to the uterus, making it easier for fertilization to occur. IUI increases the chance of conception, but many patients wonder how it affects the odds of having multiples. Here, Dr. Dorsett discusses how IUI affects the chance of having twins for our Lubbock, TX, patients.

IUI and Twins

IUI tends to be one of the first fertility treatments offered to patients because it is minimally invasive and offers good success rates. During the IUI procedure, sperm is collected from the patient’s partner or a donor. Collected sperm is washed so that it is highly concentrated. The concentrated sperm is then inserted directly into the uterus through a catheter. This decreases the distance that sperm has to travel to reach released eggs. In addition, IUI is timed so that it falls on the day after ovulation.

Although IUI increases the chance of pregnancy, this procedure alone does not increase the chance of having multiples. By itself, IUI does not affect ovulation, so a patient who undergoes IUI has about the same chance of conceiving twins or other multiples as individuals who conceive naturally.

Twins for Patients Undergoing IUI Along with Fertility Medication

IUI is sometimes performed by itself, but it is frequently performed along with ovarian stimulation. Ovarian stimulation relies on fertility medication to stimulate the ovaries and induce ovulation. Patients who undergo ovarian stimulation are likely to release multiple mature eggs on the day of their ovulation.

When our Lubbock patients undergoes IUI along with the use of fertility medication, they do have a greater chance of conceiving twins. It is more likely for patients on fertility medication to release multiple eggs at once, which increases the odds of more than one egg getting fertilized.

Twin Risks

Some of our Lubbock patients want to have twins. Having two babies at once can seem ideal after struggling to conceive. However, there are risks of having twins. Our patients should be aware of all of the potential risks of having twins or multiples when they are considering fertility treatment. Twin pregnancies carry a greater risk of:

  • Gestational diabetes
  • Pregnancy induced hypertension
  • Premature birth
  • Low birth weight
  • Developmental or cognitive delays for the twins

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If you are struggling to conceive, you may benefit from the fertility services offered by Dr. Janelle Dorsett and our team at The Centre for Reproductive Medicine. To learn more about the treatments we can provide, schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience by calling (806) 788-1212.

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