Jan 23 2020

Ovulation Induction with IVF or IUI


BabyAt the Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Janelle Dorsett and her team offer a number of fertility treatments that help patients overcome known and unknown sources of infertility as they try to conceive. Two of the most frequently performed fertility treatments at our practice are in vitro fertilization, or IVF, and intrauterine insemination, or IUI.

To maximize the chance of success for either IVF or IUI, it is important that a woman produces multiple healthy eggs. Since ovulation problems commonly contribute to infertility, we offer our Lubbock, TX, patients ovulation induction with IVF or IUI. Ovulation induction stimulates the development and release of eggs to promote the success of fertility treatment.

What Is Ovulation Induction?

Ovulation induction, which is sometimes referred to as ovarian stimulation, involves the use of fertility drugs to trigger ovulation. With fertility medication, we are able to stimulate both the production and release of mature eggs.

Ovarian induction can induce ovulation in women who do not ovulate on their own, it can regulate ovulation for women with irregular menstrual cycles, and it can increase the number of eggs that are released in a single cycle - all of which promote the success of IVF or IUI.

Fertility Medications for Ovulation Induction

There are a number of fertility medications that may be used to adjust hormone levels and induce ovulation. Some fertility medications are administered through injection, but many can be taken orally. The exact combination of medications that is used for each of our Lubbock patients will vary based on their unique needs. Some of the fertility drugs that are most commonly used for ovulation induction include:

  • Clomiphene citrate
  • Luteinizing hormone
  • Human menopausal gonadotropin

Side Effects of Ovulation Induction

Since ovulation induction results in hormonal changes within the body, many women experience side effects while undergoing treatment. The severity of side effects may differ slightly for each patient. In most cases, side effects of ovulation induction are mild, and are similar to the symptoms that many women experience during their regular menstrual cycle. Some of the most frequently reported ovulation induction side effects include:

  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Hot flashes
  • Cramping
  • Tenderness in the pelvic area

Benefits of Ovulation Induction

Ovulation induction can be highly beneficial, particularly when performed along with IUI or IVF. Ovulation induction is a minimally invasive procedure that can have a significant impact on a woman’s fertility, and the potential success of fertility treatment.

Ovulation induction allows us to monitor ovulation so that we can properly time fertility treatments. Additionally, when multiple eggs are released, our Lubbock patients have more opportunities for successful fertilization. While IUI and IVF both make it more likely that conception will be a success, the success rates of treatment go up even further when ovulation induction is performed.

Schedule a Consultation

At The Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Janelle Dorsett and our team offer a comprehensive range of fertility treatments. If you would like to learn more about ovulation induction, or the other fertility services we provide, call (806) 788-1212 to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Dorsett.

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