Building a Family: Fertility Options for Gay Men By jodorsett on July 24, 2020

A couple with their childAll couples, regardless of sexual orientation, have the right to become parents. At the Centre for Reproductive Medicine, our fertility center believes in helping all couples who wish to have children realize their dreams. 

For gay men, adoption is not the only path to parenthood. Egg donation and gestational surrogacy make it possible for gay men to have biological children of their own. For more information about fertility options for gay men at our office in Lubbock, TX, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Janelle Dorsett. 

There Is More Than One Pathway to Parenthood 

Deciding to start a family is an exciting time but for gay male couples, the pathway to parenthood requires help and support. Fortunately, there is more than one pathway for men to become fathers and gay couples have every right to raise children whether through adoption or with the help of fertility treatment. 

At our Lubbock fertility center, we are proud to help gay men in their journey to parenthood so they can experience the love and fulfillment having children brings. Using a combination of egg donation, in vitro fertilization (IVF), and gestational surrogacy, it is possible for gay men to build their families. 

Egg Donation and IVF

When it comes to finding an egg donor, gay male couples may choose a friend or family member for the donation, or work with an egg donor bank. 

If using an egg donor bank, couples will be able to consult donor files in order to find someone who meets their desired traits and characteristics. 

Once an egg donor is chosen, the donor will be given medications to stimulate egg development. Once the eggs have matured, they are retrieved through a minor medical procedure. 

Through IVF, eggs can then be combined with sperm from one of the partner, both partners, or a donor. The resulting embryos can be frozen and stored for later use or placed within a gestational surrogate if the couple has one.

Gestational Surrogacy

Many states require that gay couples use two different women for their egg donation and surrogacy. In Texas, gay couples need to have a separate gestational carrier than the woman who provided the eggs. 

The gestational surrogate may be a close friend, family member, or someone chosen from a surrogacy agency. Because the gestational surrogate does not provide the egg for fertilization, it's important to note that the baby will not be biologically related to her. 

Once a gestational surrogate is found, a procedure will be performed to insert one of the couple's embryos into the surrogate's uterus. Successful implantation will result in pregnancy. 

Sperm Considerations 

In addition to choosing an egg donor and a gestational surrogate, male partners also need to consider who will provide the sperm for egg fertilization. Couples may choose to use one partner's sperm or they may choose to mix both partners' sperm. Some couples may decide to split the eggs, fertilizing half with each partner's sperm so that a child can be born from each partner. 

To help aid in the decision, semen analysis is often performed. Through semen analysis, the number of sperm are evaluated along with sperm motility and quality. If both partners have a genetic issue or other fertility problem, they may choose to use a sperm donor. 

Schedule a Consultation to Learn More

If would like more information about the fertility options for gay men we offer at our Lubbock fertiltiy center, please call (806) 788-1212. You can also schedule a consultation online with Dr. Dorsett. 

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