IVF Treatment: Can I Choose to Have a Boy or Girl? By jodorsett on July 05, 2021

IVF treatmentWhen starting a family, the top priority is to have a healthy child. However, for various reasons, some intended parents also have a preference regarding the gender of the child. For these individuals, fertility treatment can make gender selection an option.

In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is one of the most common and successful fertility treatments. During IVF eggs are fertilized in a laboratory, and viable embryos are transferred to the uterus. Prior to embryo transfer, embryos can be genetically tested. Through this testing, Dr. Janelle Dorsett’s Lubbock, TX, patients can choose to undergo IVF for a boy or girl.

Why Choose Gender Selection?

There are many reasons that intended parents may wish to choose the gender of their child, all of which are deeply personal. In some cases, gender selection is about family balance. If parents have previously had one or more children of one gender, they often wish to gain the experience of raising a child of the opposite gender. Even if a couple has not previously had children, they may simply feel that they are better equipped to raise a child of one gender over the other.

Personal preference is not the only reason why some patients chose gender selection. Sometimes there are medical reasons that lead our Lubbock patients to explore gender selection. Some individuals have genetic conditions that can be passed down to their children. If a genetic condition is specific to one gender, a couple will likely want to have a child of the opposite gender, so they can guarantee the condition is not passed on to their offspring.

IVF and Gender Selection

During the course of IVF treatment, collected eggs are mixed with a sperm sample. The fertilization process is observed, and the most viable embryo(s) is selected for embryo transfer. An embryo’s viability is determined through the process of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or preimplantation genetic screening (PGS). These tests allow our doctors to determine if there are any genetic or chromosomal abnormalities that could result in birth defects or developmental issues. 

If patients wish to undergo IVF for a boy or girl, they can request that PGD or PGS testing also examine the chromosomes to determine the gender of an embryo. Once gender is determined, patients can choose to transfer only male or female embryos, depending on the gender they desire for their child.

How Accurate Is Gender Selection through IVF?

PGD/PGS testing is nearly 100 percent accurate. Therefore, if our Lubbock patients choose gender selection through IVF treatment, the gender of a transferred embryo is highly accurate. However, it is important that patients understand we can only identify the gender of an embryo, we cannot ensure that patients will produce a healthy embryo of the desired gender. Some patients only produce embryos of one gender, or embryos of the desired gender are not healthy enough for transfer. In these cases, patients will need to decide if they wish to proceed with embryo transfer using an embryo of the opposite gender.

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