Apr 01 2019

How Long Do Frozen Embryos Last?

Frozen embryos can preserve fertility for many years. An infertility doctor can help you start a family later on. Let’s consider how long cryopreservation embryos lasts.

Aug 07 2018

Cryopreservation and Embryo Quality: Matters to Consider

Patients wonder if fertility freezing affects embryo quality. Cryopreservation at our Lubbock, TX practice has many benefits. The Centre for Reproductive Medicine answers these questions.

May 01 2018

IVF After Vasectomy: Can You Still Father a Child?

After a vasectomy, men can still father children through in vitro fertilization (IVF). The Lubbock, TX fertility specialists at The Centre for Reproductive Medicine discuss options for treatment, such as ICSI and sperm freezing.

Dec 01 2017

Embryo Quality and Cryopreservation: IVF Options

Cryopreservation allows women to freeze embryos for IVF and later fertility treatment. The Centre for Reproductive Medicine considers the quality and benefits of this procedure.

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