Nov 02 2014

The Increased Risk of Twins for those Undergoing IVF Treatment

The potential for carrying twins may be greater for those patients undergoing IVF treatment, as opposed to those conceiving naturally.

Oct 02 2014

Due Date Calculator for IVF Treatment

Learn how to calculate your due date when undergoing IVF treatment with fertility specialist Dr. Janelle Dorsett.

Sep 02 2014

The Importance of Exercise Limitations During IVF Treatment

To help ensure the safety and success of IVF treatment, Dr. Janelle Dorsett may ask patients to limit exercise throughout treatment.

Jul 02 2014

Learn the Side Effects that Can Be Expected from IVF Treatment

Fertility specialist Dr. Janelle Dorsett prepares patients for the side effects that are likely to result from IVF, or in vitro fertilization.

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