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Artificial Insemination LubbockA man’s low sperm count or impotence, and a woman’s inability to develop the follicles necessary for developing eggs, are common complications that can make conception difficult for couples.  If you are experiencing difficulties conceiving through natural means, Dr. Janelle Dorsett provides treatments such as the induction of ovulation and artificial insemination using donor sperm at her Lubbock, West Texas office. Contact us today to learn more about how our treatments can help you become pregnant.

We understand how emotionally trying it can be for those who experience difficulty achieving their dreams of having a child. We provide all of our patients with compassionate care in helping them choose the treatment most likely to help them fulfill those dreams.

Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is a process of placing concentrated sperm – either from one of the hopeful parents or a donor – directly into the uterus, using a catheter. This procedure is performed on the day after the ovary releases one or several eggs. Artificial insemination can either be performed in synchronization with your menstrual cycle, or in conjunction with a treatment such as induction of ovulation.

Sperm used in this process can either come from a person known by the hopeful parents or from a sperm bank. Sperm banks commonly have a very stringent and selective process to determine eligible donors. Before pursuing donated sperm, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dorsett to discuss the artificial insemination process at our Lubbock, West Texas office. There are numerous factors that can affect the success of this treatment, and we are happy to educate our patients so they fully understand how this procedure can help them.

Induction of Ovulation

In the simplest terms, the induction of ovulation involves taking various medication or hormones to stimulate the development of the follicles needed to conceive. Medications commonly given include clomiphene citrate, luteinizng hormone, and human menopausal gonadotropin. As noted, this procedure can complement artificial insemination. It is also an important part of the in vitro fertilization procedure.

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When hopeful parents have made the decision to have children, and are unable to achieve this on their own, it can be an incredibly difficult time. Dr. Dorsett and her staff are experienced not only in providing compassionate care, but also in making effective recommendations for treatment, and safely administering those treatments. To learn more about our Lubbock, West Texas office and how treatments such as artificial insemination and induction of ovulation can help you achieve your goal of becoming a parent, please contact us today

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